If cheap thrills, backpacking, and loooong car rides are your kind of vacation, the Australian roads will surely have you going gaga over your adventure holiday! We always say the true beauty of a holiday destination can only be discovered if you get off the tourist roads and start exploring the hidden gems of the place! Now, what’s a better way to explore the adventure-guzzling Australian terrains better than a road trip?

If you’re gearing up for an all-nighter, driving through the night kind of experience and not planning on looking back- here’s what you can do! Book yourself a cheap one-way car hire in Australia and glide cross-country without having to worry about bringing the car again!

A One-Way Rental? How Does That Work?

While two-way rentals mean your rental company is waiting for you to bring back the car- a one-way rental would usually have you leave the car somewhere other than the pick-up point. For instance, maybe you can go your ride at the destination point. Now if you’re new to this concept and think this one-way deal is worth a try, here are a few tips for you to remember before you book your cheap one-way car hire in Australia.

Look Around

Don’t just jump into the first car you get! We know you’re thrilled to start your adventure ride, but if you’re on a budget, its always better to scope the market first before shaking hands on a deal! Snoop around and test the waters with a few customer reviews and a few one-on-one calls to see what the per mile count is.

Choose your player wisely

The size and type of vehicle you choose will reflect on the price you pay! Gas mileage matters too! Then comes the convenience part! If you’re moving around with a small travel party, choosing a compact car will be in your best interest.

Why pay surcharges

When you’re booking a one-way hire, many domestic and most international rentals will come with a deposit fee or a drop-off charge! Now, the main goal is to dabble on how low you can go with your drop-off charge! While some companies don’t have a fee, some might ask for a surcharge which is typically higher than the market rate. That’s something to think about too!

Now if you think all of this is a bit too complicated and you want to stick to your usual, just remember, we are there to help you through all your travel plans, from car hires to flight ticket booking online.

A Guide to Hitting the Australian Road On a Tight-Budget